Conditional sentence atau yang dikenal dengan kalimat pengandaian merupakan kalimat yang menyatakan terjadinya suatu kondisi jika ada syarat yang dipenuhi. Conditional sentence terdiri dari klausa dependen dan klausa independen yang biasanya ditandai dengan kata ‘jika’ atau ‘if’.

Ada tiga jenis conditional sentence yaitu tipe 1, tipe 2, dan tipe 3. Kali ini kita akan membahas tentang conditional sentence tipe 1.

Perhatikan struktur dan contoh conditional sentence tipe 1, dan soal conditional sentence tipe 1 berikut ini, seperti dikutip dari website kursus

Conditional Sentences Tipe 1
Conditional sentence tipe 1 merujuk pada situasi nyata dan kemungkinan bisa terjadi. Rumus conditional sentence tipe 1 yaitu:
If + Subject + verb (simple present tense) + Subject + will/ shall + verb 1

Contoh conditional sentences tipe 1
contoh conditional sentences1. If I have job, I will buy car for my parents.

2. If you study hard, you will pass the tests.

3. If she cannot find her sister, she will report to the police.

4. If I eat too much junk food, I will gain weight.

5. If I get a salary increase, I will go holiday to abroad.

6. If I fight with my classmate, the teacher will scold me.

7. Nobody will care if you do not have good attitude.

8. If you refuse to accept this gift, he will angry with you

9. If I have free time, I will accompany you to shopping.

10. If he doesn’t obey with the rules, he will get a punishment.

Contoh Soal Conditional Sentences Tipe 1
Complete the Conditional Sentences by putting the verbs into the correct form.

1. If I’m (late) ________ to work, my leader will be very angry.

2. If his car (break) _______ down or he has any problems, he (call) ______ the auto club.

3. She does really like to travel. If she (go) ______ on vacation, she (go) _____ to an exotic place.

4. If I (find) _____ your necklace, I (give) _____ it back to you.

5. Shinta (go) _____ shopping if she (have) _____ time in the afternoon.

6. If it (rain) _____ today, I (have to / not) _____ water the plants.

7. Desta (go) ____ to Singapore the day after tommorow if he (get) _____ a cheap flight.

8. If I (send) _____ this letter now, he (receive) _____ it tomorrow.

9. You (be / not) _____ sleepy if you (watch) _____ this action movie.

10. If they (study / not) _____ harder, they (pass / not) _____ the exam.

Jawaban Soal Conditional Sentences
1. If I’m late to work, my boss will be very angry.

4. If I find your necklace, I will give it back to you.

5. Shinta will go shopping if she has time in the afternoon.

6. If it rains today, I will not have to water the plants.

7. Desta will go to Singapore the day after tommorow if he gets a cheap flight.

8. If I send this letter now, he will receive it tomorrow.

9. You will not be sleepy if you watch this action movie.

10. If they do not study harder, they will not pass the exam.

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